Teaspoon Hens: El’s Apache Hen Do

We are heading straight into summer wedding season and with this comes a host of hen parties. If you are the (un)fortunate sole having to organise your best friend’s hen you will know how difficult it can be to please everyone and get the balance right of boozy fun, activities, and if it’s a weekend accommodation, all of this on a budget all the hens can afford. Well thanks to some lovely people, a lot of research, a little creativity and some great little finds we managed to pull off one very special weekend for one very special bride without breaking the bank.

We set-up camp at Big Sky Tipis on the edge of the Sussex Downes. These beautiful original hand-painted tipis are incredibly spacious and very comfortable to stay in.


To make the weekend that little bit more personal, we brought along some handmade accessories: rescue kits

photo (14)







and our noble steeds

photo (15)

We ventured into stunning woodlands carpeted in bluebells…







Allied bush-craft with some pewter jewellery making

fire   pewter

And ended the day with an evening stroll with a Harris Hawk

bulli2  rani and bulli


All of this made for one very happy group of hens.


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