New for 2015: Sports Day Kits

There’s nothing we love more than a good dose of competitive fun, and nothing (bar croquet, obviously) says competitive and fun like sports day. Egg and spoon, sack race, wheelbarrow relay, tug of war, we have all of your sports day favourites wrapped into one nifty little kit that we will deliver to the venue of your choosing. Perfect to liven up this year’s office picnic, hen/stag party or birthday.

Each kit includes:

  • Tug of War Rope
  • Hessian Sacks
  • Egg and Spoon
  • Relay Batons
  • Ties (for three-legged/five legged/seven-legged… race)
  • Marker Cones
  • Finish Line Tape
  • Megaphone and Whistle
  • Novelty Trophy

Sports Day Kits are suitable for up to 10 players or teams and  priced at £40/day + delivery.

And why not take the playing field in true style by adding a dressing-up box with all the props and accessories you will need to dazzle-out the competition.

For more information on any of our games hires just drop us an email:



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